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Regulator Recordings Inc... Grows Gold!!

About Us

LINCOLN COUNTY REGULATORS ARTIST BIOGRAPHY Roy Lumbrera is an american Rap Artist, Born December 19th 1988 In New Mexico. And has grown their since Roy started going by the stage name Malachi in 2007 when he started the rap group Prayer Made Thugs with various members that are no longer involved in music. Roy landed a shopping deal with Talent2k Roy was contacted by the CEO Carllo K Oddo And Shopped his album around many offers were given but the business wasn't right.. Roy went on to make many platinum Hits for the next 3 years then in 2010 Roy was Contacted By Thomas Mcvay Of Explore Talent & Roy Signed For one Year services While gaining a strong name in the underground rap scene. In 2011 Roy was contacted by Mike Thompson Vice President Of A&R JMD Records On A World Wide 3 Year Distribution Deal With JMD Distribution/Ingrooves/UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP For The First Time Roy Has Global Distribution Both Official Albums Coming Begging Of 2012 World Wide!!!!!

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